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Weekly Classes

Vinyasa Flow

For the yogi seeking continuous movement, poses are linked together with the breath for a powerful, creative sequence. This practice becomes a moving meditation which emphasizes fluidity, alignment and intention. (60 min)             





Hatha Yoga

An all-levels class focused on proper alignment, breath and postures to quiet the mind and move energy through the body.  (60 or 75 min)


This 30 minute class focuses on quieting the mind.  Students are lead in breathing techniques, loving-kindness and body awareness.  This practice can be done sitting comfortably, using props or on the wall.  

Class meets 1st Sundays of the month.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quieter, softer and contemplative practice involving a series of postures held for longer periods of time. It helps the yogi restore balance from the yang intensities of life: planning, running around, and general "doing". Instead of working the muscular half of our bodies, yin yoga allows work of the deeper yin connective tissues. (60 min)

Gentle Yoga

A slower-paced, all-levels class focused on increasing flexibility, releasing tension and improving strength. You can expect less standing poses than our Hatha classes. (60 or 75 min)

Unity Meditation

A guided meditation through the cosmos to activate and accelerate your Ascension Process.  Hear the clearing and healing sounds of Light Language Singing, along with the Tibetan Bell and Bowl.  Each person receives their own channeled Light Language symbols to take home.

Class meets 3rd Sundays of the month.

Restorative Yoga

This journey inward is for all yogis, especially those with an established practice or for those whose days may be constantly busy. Give your body the chance to restore and create balance. Enjoy several gentle, restful poses which are fully supported by props and paired with mantra, meditation and breath work to deepen the experience of total relaxation. (75 min)

Sound Bath

Enjoy a relaxing sound bath using Reiki-infused crystal singing bowls especially tuned to each chakra.  You will drift into a deep meditation and rest.  (45 min)

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